User manual

Download and extracting

You can download the Nhunt program here.
Portable/static build is the cross-distro build for x86 (32bit) or amd64 (64bit) Linux systems. You can also download a source code and compile program yourself. Instructions are in README.TXT file inside the tarball.

Command for extracting files (Linux):
tar -xvf nhunt_x86.tar

File formats

Query and database files should contain sequences in FASTA format (wikipedia description).

Query file should contain only one sequence (if not, the first sequence from the file will be considered as query). Database file may contain any number of sequences.

Format of an output file has three variants. Look for the '-m' parameter below.

Run the program

To run the program, type
./nhunt -i inputFileName -d databaseFileName
in command line. 'inputFileName' is name of the file with query sequence, 'databaseFileName' is name of the file with database sequence(s). Default name of the output file is 'nhunt.out'.

If you run the program without any parameters,
you will see help message with the list of available parameters.

User parameters

Any parameter consists of key and value and is called as '-key value', where 'key' is one character and 'value' is any number of characters.

List of available parameters:

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